Elias Gold Regence 3_5x5_5.jpg

Gold Regence Frame


Elias Artmetal uniquely alloys their own Extra Fine Pewter using the purest and finest virgin metals, entirely avoiding the use of scrap, to create the world’s finest pewter. They add a small amount of pure silver which dramatically increases strength, brightness and detail sharpness.
In a world of convenient shortcuts, Elias Artmetal takes none.

Modern “gold” electroplating is usually done over cheap base metals like lead or zinc, on top of which “faux gold” finishes are applied. Elias Artmetal starts with their superb Extra Fine Pewter and electroplates it with real gold and a hand finish to achieve their authentic 18kt gold patinas. It looks like real gold because it is, guaranteed.  

Made in New York.

3.5 in. x 5.5 in.

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Elias Gold Regence 3_5x5_5.jpg